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François CATALA

François CATALA

Mar 2021

Director & Co-founder – LAFAAC – Senegal

« I am 42 years old and have a rich career path with several strong experiences: ministerial cabinet advisor (French Ministry of Culture, 2010-2012), deputy director of a public institution, consultant in communication strategy and public affairs. Starting an entrepreneurial career at the age of 40, with a family, was a risky venture that I have absolutely no regrets today. My mainsprings of my commitment, of my daily work, are powerful driving forces: all that remains is to convince an ever wider public (users, donors, prescribers…) that this commitment is fair, necessary, timely and that the LAFAAAC project and model can work in a sustainable and growing way.»

LAFAAAC is a training platform for audiovisual professionals, tailored to developing countries (particularly sub-Saharan Africa). It is based on digital tools and innovative pedagogical approaches, combining digital, remote and face-to-face training.