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Jan 2021

CEO – MyTindy – Morocco 

Aida Kandil was born in Paris and has been raised between France and Morocco. She has always been attracted to entrepreneurship: as young as 14 years old she was already managing lemonade stall at her school fair. Her father was an entrepreneur in the IT, finance and agriculture sectors, and her mother was an architect. They taught her optimism, patience, kindness, generosity, and attention to details. Aida left for Montreal to pursue her marketing degree and joined an e-commerce club. “Since e-commerce tends to isolate people, it is really important to have a community surrounding you with the same mindset and that supports you throughout your journey”. In Canada, Aida launched several e-commerce platforms that she eventually sold. She is a serial entrepreneur, and nothing can stop her!

Aida is very attached to her native Morocco and wants to make an impact through traditional crafts that are exportable, but not well promoted internationally. MyTindy selects the best craftsmen, coaches them, and guides them in their commercial journey. The platform has been successful from the very beginning in 2019. Today the website gathers 60 artists. The creations are vividly appreciated and available in more than 20 countries. The sales have grown by 211% in two years, going from 8000 to 200 000 in 2020. MyTindy can also rely on an active community on social media and viral influencers. Since the signature of a partnership with the Minister of Tourism and the House of the Craftsman, MyTindy has received more than 200 business inquiries per day. A lot of work awaits the team to accompany those talented craftspeople!